May 6, 2022

Morinville is a growing community just outside of the city. It is less than 35 kilometres away from North Edmonton, and it would take less than an hour to commute anywhere else in the City and surrounding areas.. There are many benefits to living outside the city limits and enjoying the safety and benefits of a tight-knit community. Here are just a few of the fantastic reasons to choose Morinville for your next home.

1. Lower Cost of Living

The most expensive place to live in a metropolitan area is right in the heart of one. Choosing to live outside of a city in a smaller town afford you far more luxuries at a lower price. This is also true when it comes to building your dream home! In Westwinds, you can build a beautiful single family home for far less than what the same home would cost in Edmonton. This is because land prices are significantly more affordable. You can also build much larger homes, many of the builders in Westwinds offer triple car garages!

2. Closer to Nature

Choosing a suburb means more access to nature, and the entire town tends to feel more in tune with the environment. Living in Morinville Allows you to be closer to nature as there tends to be lots of open greenspaces, parks, forests, and lots of wildlife to enjoy!

3. Less Noise and Light Pollution

One of the best things about a growing community is how quiet and peaceful they are. This is due largely in part to the lack of noisy infrastructure and busyness. Cities have constant light and noise, from traffic lights to traffic sounds, construction, sirens, skyscrapers that emit large amounts of light, and everything else that can be disruptive. Enjoy peace and quiet when you live in Morinville.

4. Less Traffic

Air outside the city limits just feels fresher. This is mostly because there is less traffic polluting the air with harsh chemicals you just can’t seem to get away from. When you live in a smaller community, there are far less things that cause noise and air pollution, allowing you to feel refreshed. The lack of traffic helps with more than the air quality, too. A smaller population means you won’t find yourself sitting in traffic for long periods of time during rush hour.

5. Friendly Neighbours

When you live in a place like Morinville, you get to know your neighbours. Cities often have a cold anonymity to them while growing communities are friendly and open, letting you really get to know everyone around you. If you want to make new friends and get together for fun block parties and potlucks, there’s no better place to do it than !

6. Less Crime

Growing communities have significantly smaller crime rates than cities. If you’re in a city, it can be difficult to feel safe if your kids have gone to the park. In a growing community, however, there is far more peace of mind when you have children playing, leaving bikes out, and simply being kids. Not only do members of growing communities tend to look out for one another, but a smaller population just means that statistically speaking there is far less criminal activity.

7. More Locally Owned, Small Businesses

A huge benefit of living in a growing community is getting to enjoy all the local businesses. Rather than restaurants and stores owned by faceless entities, growing communities often have locally owned businesses that are run by people you know and trust! Experience boutique stores and delicious mom and pop restaurants in a growing community.

8. Great Home Options

Even though Morinville is a growing community, there are still plenty of fantastic home builders to choose from as well as beautiful lots. Westwinds is a fantastic community in Morinville and there are many great lots to suit any need or want. Westwinds gives you tons of choice alongside the smalltown charm!

Morinville is a fantastic place to call home! There are so many benefits to living in a growing community, and if you work in Edmonton, your commute is less than 40 km! Get all the benefits of living outside the city living, including lower crime rates and safer living, all while being just a short drive from a city. Find all the safety and benefits of a growing community with a gorgeous new home in Westwinds.

Photo Credit: Town of Morinville