March 23, 2022

Landrex Inc. has formed a limited partnership with Fort McKay First Nation to build a large real estate development in St. Albert. The Urban Village style development will be owned equally by Fort McKay First Nation and Landrex Inc. It will be one of the largest Indigenous real estate developments in the Edmonton area, as it will have an estimated appraisal value of $176,000,000 after completion. 

Landrex Inc. is incredibly excited about this project and partnership. Working with Fort McKay has allowed the company to participate in the diversification of the Nation’s investments, ensuring that Fort McKay First Nation is able to hold tangible assets.

This is the second real estate development that Landrex and Fort McKay have worked on together; previously the companies have partnered on a multi-family complex in Beaumont called East Pine. East Pine is currently under construction and the apartment homes are estimated to be available in Fall 2023. 

The Urban Village development will break ground this Spring and will provide an exciting array of opportunities in St. Albert. The development is 12 acres that will serve commercial needs directly off St. Albert Trail connection, and will also have a multi-residential building along the Coal Mine Road connection. The commercial and residential developments will be connected by walking trails that lead to a beautiful single acre park situated in the center of the development. 

The commercial development of the Urban Village is currently available for pre-leasing, and residential multi-family homes will be available by early 2024! This exclusive development sits between quiet residential neighborhoods and an amenity rich commercial area, giving tenants a quiet suburban feeling with plenty of greenspace with all the benefits of an urban centre. 

The Urban Village will have direct access to St. Albert Trail, Ebony Way, and Coal Mind Road, making it easily accessible for commuters in and outside of St. Albert. This unique space is perfect for young professionals looking for a high profile rental space as they move up in the world.

As an added bonus, the entire project will be developed with non-combustible and soundproof construction materials, combining absolutely safety with unlimited comfort. 

This Urban Village development has commercial space available now and residential spaces coming soon! To inquire about leasing or to stay in the loop about this fantastic new project, please contact us!