March 23, 2022

Landrex has a commitment to helping the town of Morinville grow and prosper! Westwinds is the second community Landrex has built in the Town of Morinville, and as such the company has sought to be a significant part of the town. This year, Landrex has again committed to sponsoring the Morinville Leisure Centre. 

The Landrex Arena is an important part of the Morinville community, and Landrex seeks to ensure that the arena and all the fantastic facilities offered in the Morinville Leisure Centre are well maintained. Landrex chose the leisure centre for its variety of offerings as well as the commitment to health and wellness.

Landrex Arena

Landrex supports healthy and active lifestyles, and our communities are build to facilitate that! Westwinds will have a lovely pond and walking trails to ensure you can get fresh air and exercise. For days where you want something different, the Morinville Leisure Centre has a lot to offer!

The leisure centre features a field house which can be used for volleyball, basketball, badminton, pickleball, and floor hockey. There is also a fully equipped fitness centre with plenty of exercise equipment, a track, children’s play space, meeting rooms, an atrium, and, of course, the Landrex Arena which is an NHL sized ice rink with spectator seating for 437 people!

The Morinville Leisure Centre is located on the west side of Morinville, only a 6 minute drive from Westwinds community! Living in Morinville has so many benefits, from the lovely small town feel and affordable housing to easy access to major cities. The Morinville Leisure Centre is a huge benefit to everyone in the surrounding area, and everyone who lives in Westwinds can easily access the fantastic facilities!

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