June 16, 2022

Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates is a public lot community. This means that rather than pre-selling plots of land to a specific builder group, the entire community is open and available to the public. Public lot communities are incredibly versatile and offer several benefits to individuals looking to build their dream home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of public lot communities and why a Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates is right for you!

What are public lots?

Public lots are pieces of land that are purchased directly from the developer. In many new communities, the lots are divided and purchased by a select group of builders, and if you want a specific lot, usually that means working with the builder who currently owns the land. In public lot communities, the developer does not pre-sell the land to builder groups, and, instead, the individual lots are available for anyone to purchase, not just a builder. Public lots don’t have a select builder group, so families who want to build within the community can bring in any builder they want. Public lots are fantastic for individuals who want more flexibility in their home building experience, as well as for people who know exactly what home builder they want to work with. 

What are the benefits of public lot communities?

1. You can choose your own builder, you’re not tied to a builder group

This is the most common and generally appreciated benefit of a public lot community. Many communities have five or six builders to choose from, which although is a lot of choice, sometimes individuals have a specific builder they want to work with. Whether you (or a trusted relationship) have worked with a builder before, you’re looking for a more custom experience, or you simply want more freedom and flexibility as you research builders to help you with your dream home, public lots are a fantastic option.

2. Lots tend to be less expensive than in closed lot communities

Public lot communities tend to have a reduced price point on lots, compared to other new construction communities. In a public lot community, you are purchasing the land directly from the developer, which means that you are getting fantastic value. When builders purchase the land first it can be a lot of time and risk for them, so the lots in other communities may be more expensive.  

3. Public lot communities allow you to evaluate the community as a whole

Because the land in a public lot community is all owned by the developer, you can look at the entire community when choosing where to build your home. Rather than choosing from a selection of lots owned by your preferred builder, you can pick from all available options in the community.

4. You oversee your construction, giving you more control of the building process

With a public lot community, you are able to control the build schedule far more than in a closed community. If you need more time to solidify plans, you’re able to sit on the land for a longer time than with a closed lot community, where as soon as you agree to build, construction tends to begin. With public lot communities, you are able to take the time you need to build your dream home. 

Building a Home in Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates

Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates is located just south of Wye Road in amenity-rich Sherwood Park. The community is conveniently located minutes away from the Anthony Henday and Whitemud highways, ensuring that your home will make for an incredibly easy commute. With Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates you can enjoy all the safety and comforts of the suburbs with quick and easy access to the city. The lots in Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates allow you to build your dream home in a fantastic community.