The Landrex legacy spans decades of hard work and dedication, inspired by the leadership of CEO Larry Andrews, dating back to the company’s inception in 1975.

Humble Beginnings

Larry grew up in Edmonton after moving with his family from their farm in Carrot River, SK. Once the Andrews family settled into their new home in the city, Larry’s parents actively extoled the virtues of hard work and education.

Although his career path was never especially obvious to him, Larry was instructed to take his education seriously, despite his lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of student life. Following the death of his father, Larry’s mother dutifully took on the role of breadwinner while she balanced her pursuit of a post-secondary education and the raising of her family of five children.

Larry’s mother’s unfaltering dedication to her children’s upbringing and well-being inspired his own motivation to ensure his future family would always be taken care of, leading to his enrollment at the University of Alberta to pursue a Bachelor of Arts and a Law degree.

From Law to Land Development

His passion for people and charming demeanour complemented his scholastic efforts and the combination eventually landed Larry an articling position at Matheson and Co. Following his work there, he partnered with Colin Taylor to open his own practice and sensing a shift in Alberta’s economic climate in the early 70’s Larry pivoted to establish the Gibraltar Group of Companies in 1972.

The Gibraltar Group became Landrex in 1975, and has since evolved to become a front-runner of land development in the capital region, consistently striving for community development excellence. One of the most successful, privately held land development firms in Alberta, Landrex has developed over 6000 residential lots, hundreds of multi-family units and has built or bought over 500,000 square feet of commercial properties to date.