May 6, 2022

Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates is a public lot development, that means that you buy the lot and bring your own builder! Being able to choose your own builder from all the fantastic builders in the Edmonton area means there are far more options to choose from, which is exciting but can also be daunting. If you’re looking at your dream lot in Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates, but aren’t sure where to start with choosing your builder, take a look at our top questions to ask a builder when you’re buying a new construction home!

1. Where are your showhomes or spec homes located?

Touring an example of their work is a fantastic way to evaluate a builder. If the builder doesn’t have any show homes, spec homes, or even previous builds available to tour, you will be left without a vital aid in knowing if you like a builder’s work.

2. What would you say sets you apart from other builders?

This question gives you a chance to see if the builder you’re considering working with has anything they offer above and beyond other companies. This question also gives you a chance to see what the builder values, in order to ensure what matters the most to you regarding your new home aligns with the builder’s values.

3. Could you provide me with a list of references?

References are another great way to gain insight into your builder. If the builder isn’t able to provide any references (or any recent references) this could be a bit of a red flag. Talking to other customers who had positive experiences with the builder can be invaluable help.

4. How do you handle client communication?

You will want to ensure that the way a builder communicates will correspond with how you want to be communicated with. If you need a lot of follow ups and stage-by-stage updates, but the builder doesn’t work that way, you may feel like the relationship is lacking. The same goes for if you prefer emails versus phone calls, and other communication needs in a business relationship.

5. What does your standard, base model include?

This is important to know as it will help you determine whether you’ll need to budget for several upgrades, as well as knowing the quality of a builder’s base models. Knowing your baseline is important to determine overall budget as well as ensure there are no fees that may surprise you.

6. What is the deadline to make changes to my home?

This can be useful for planning in general, as well as to learn how flexible your builder is. If you have to have all your building plans set in stone before ground is broken, you may want to spend more time choosing your plans and upgrades.

7. What is your home building timeline?

You’ll want to know a clear schedule and timeline of the home building process before making any decisions. You’ll need to know a builder’s timeline in order to plan moving, cancelling of a lease or selling a home, as well as setting up other home plans.

8. How do you handle complications and staying on budget?

Learning how a builder deals with difficult situations and plans ahead can be incredibly useful to determine if it will be a fruitful working relationship. You are likely wanting to stick within your outlined timeline and budget, so knowing how a builder deals with complications can be useful.

9. Are you fully licensed and insured?

This may seem obvious, but knowing that a business is fully licensed and insured will provide you with peace of mind as well as ensure that your potential builder is a legitimate business.

10. What is your warranty like?

Your home warranty is incredibly important. Alberta has a regulated warranty program that all new home builders have to follow (you can read about it from the Alberta New Warranty Program), but some builders will go above and beyond with their warranty protection.

Bonus: 11. Do you offer custom plans and solutions?

This is only necessary if you’re looking to build a custom home, but knowing that a builder can provide custom solutions and floorplans is a great way to evaluate your potential builder.

Sherwood Park Golf and Country Club Estates has a wide variety of public lots for you to choose from. If you’re interested in building your dream home, check out our available lots and use our guide to find your perfect builder!